About Sea Glass (also called beach glass and mermaid’s tears)

Sea glass finds its way to the ocean in many fascinating ways. Some of the glass comes from old bottle factories, ship wrecks, oceanside industries, rivers that flow into the sea, and passing ships. Some comes from artisan’s glass studios. In generations past, refuse was bulldozed over cliffs into the sea and some of that was colored glass.

Some colors are rarer than others, and thus more valuable. Red, orange, yellow, cobalt, and turquoise are especially desirable; while green, brown, and white (clear) are more common. Lavender is especially fun to find because it started out as clear glass. A chemical reaction caused from manganese that was added in the glass making process caused the glass to turn purple when exposed to sunlight.

We love combing the beaches of Nova Scotia to find our seaglass. It’s like a treasure hunt, we never know what we are going to find. The sea is in constant motion and the glass is churning with every wave. Now after decades of tumbling around in the surf, sand, and rocks, the ocean is returning it to us in the form of beautiful one-of-a-kind sea gems. Some pieces of beach glass are said to be over 100 years old and no two are ever alike. There’s no telling what it once was, where its journey has taken it, or how old it is. Mystery and beauty…

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